Musical Soccer Dad

Armindo is one of OMNI’s highly skilled English Instructors who can always be found to be humming a musical tune whenever he passes through the campus hallways. He has great loves for music, his three daughters, soccer, and teaching. Originally from Brazil, he came to Canada 24 years ago and brought with him to OMNI over 20 years of experience teaching English and specialty English programs.

He is well-known around the College for his easy-going, funny and warm demeanor. Students find his classes engaging, fun, interactive and effective. He has been able to combine his love for soccer, teaching and his daughters by being able to coach them on their teams. A family-man at heart, we’re happy to have him as part of the OMNI family.

Armindo’s definition of success is “doing and being your best at whatever you love to do”. It is clear then, this Musical Soccer Dad is a great success!

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