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OMNI College

Student Referrals

Did you know that over 60% of our students hear about OMNI College through a referral? That says a lot about OMNI’s reputation as a credible, responsible and caring institution.

Students and graduates play a tremendous role in introducing talented students to OMNI College as they represent real-life examples of the impact OMNI College has made on their lives. By sharing their story with others, they provide inspiration, guidance and motivation to those who may be just beginning or who may have gotten stuck along their journey to becoming healthcare professionals in Canada.

We encourage all students, current and past, to share their pride in being part of the OMNI College family by participating in our Student Referral Program.

If you have a friend, relative, or even a co-worker, either here in Canada or abroad, who could benefit from one of OMNI’s programs, simply provide us with basic contact information by completing a simple referral form. Our Admissions team will take it from there. An Admissions team member will follow up with the student directly and help guide them through the application process. If that student enrolls in one of our programs, you could earn up to $500 in tuition credits towards future courses at OMNI or cash as a referral fee. 

We thank you for helping us to attract the brightest and most talented students to our school. Download our Student Referral Form here.

  • Students enrolling in a nursing Diploma program at OMNI will generate a $500 tuition credit for the referring person, towards further courses at OMNI or cash if they have already paid their tuition fees in full.
  • All current and former students of OMNI College are eligible for this Student Referral Program.
  • You are also eligible if you have paid your tuition fees and have submitted a visa application to study.
  • Both the enrolling student and the referring person must have fulfilled all financial obligations to the College
  • Referrer’s name must be acknowledged on the referee’s enrollment application before submission
  • The enrolling student must be a new student to OMNI College and must apply directly to OMNI College rather than through an agency. Therefore, Referred applicants cannot have already submitted an application with OMNI College