20 Years of Supporting Internationally-Educated Nurses in their Journeys
to Becoming Canadian Nurses

The year 2019 marks 20 years since the day OMNI College was founded, in a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  Over the course of 2 decades, the College has proudly supported internationally-educated nurses in their quest to become Canadian nurses.

Nurses come to OMNI from all walks of life, and from countries all around the world.  Each of their journeys is unique.  Yet they all share the same common goal: to work as nurses in Canada. 

In celebration of OMNI College achieving this 20 year milestone, here we will be releasing a regular series of “Nursing Journeys” to share more details about our student’s own unique stories, and how they achieved success here in Canada.

Read a few of our students’ stories:

Vol. 1 - Ian Canogoran | Philippines

Ian is now a Canadian Registered Nurse living and working in the beautiful eastern Canadian province of New Brunswick. However, the journey was not easy. 

Ian wanted to migrate to Canada and learned about Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker program. He tried to apply, only to find out he did not qualify. He almost gave up. READ MORE

Vol. 2 - Sachiko Hikawa | Japan

Sachiko was studying English in Vancouver at the time.  She had left her job as an RN at a university hospital in Japan because she was burnt out.

In Japan, she worked long hours with overtime required every day, requiring her to do extensive nursing research on top of her day-to-day job and also attend meetings on her days off.  With only 7 days for vacation per year. Sachiko decided to leave it all behind. READ MORE

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