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What Students Have to Say


I would definitely recommend OMNI if you really want to become a nurse in Canada. Everything you need is right there. You are just a few steps away from obtaining your dream job! Good luck!

Aki | Japan
Currently: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

My experience in OMNI College has been beyond my expectations. The opportunity of sharing experiences with other International Nurses, together with a supportive staff team, and knowledgeable teachers, makes the college a great environment to re-learn nursing in a Canadian way.

“Minha experienca no OMNI College superou mihas expectativas. A oportunidade de compartilhar experiencias com enfermeiros de outros paises, juntamente com uma equipe de funcionarios bastante prestativa, e professores com profundo conhecimento, fazem do Colllege um excelente local para reaprender enfergermagem no cenario Canadense”

Alice | Brazil
Currently: Working as an RN in Vancouver, British Columbia

With the help of OMNI College, I got my LPN license, and have found a job in New Brunswick as an LPN. Now, I am also on my way to becoming an RN.

Amrita | India
Currently: Working as a LPN in New Brunswick

OMNI is the better option for all internationally-educated nurses from all over the world. It’s the best place and the best college in Canada to pursue your nursing studies.

Anish | India
Currently: Saint Rose du Lac, MB, Canada. Now working as an RN.

OMNI’s program is definitely not just focused on the exam, it is for preparing you for everything – everything you need to know about Canadian nursing. It’s a great program.

Annie | China & New Zealand
Currently: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

OMNI is the best college which can understand the importance of CELBAN and help the students in the best possible way. I would not have done it without OMNI!

Anupa | India
Currently: Successfully achieved the required CELBAN scores. Now working as an RN in British Columbia.

I have been a nurse for 10 years in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada before I moved in BC. Due to receiving all my education in French I had to pass the CELBAN exam to earn my nursing license in BC. I was anxious to pass this exam because it meant that I could work as a nurse here. I did the CELBAN preparation class at OMNI College and this gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goal. I met exceptional teachers and classmates at OMNI. I feel that teachers really understand what students are going through, they are empathetic and they believe in our potential. I also received excellent coaching on my personal needs. Now I am happy to be a RN in BC.

Audrey | Canada
Currently: Successfully achieved the scores required by the nursing regulatory bodies in Canada.

I got all the support I needed from my arrival at Vancouver Airport to my becoming a registered nurse in Canada. I will forever be grateful to God for the amazing tutors, course mates and homestay hosts I met through OMNI. Thank you!

Bimpe | Nigeria
Currently: Working as an RN in Campbell River, BC
Cesar Archiblado

It’s hard to describe how exciting it is to be around nurses from all around the world and learning with such great teachers. This experience is just starting for me and there is still a long way to go, but with OMNI’s help and with a lot of work I know my dreams will be possible. 

Cesar Archiblado | Mexico
Currently: Working as an RN in British Columbia – see Archi’s updated story in “Student Nursing Journeys”

The support I received from OMNI not only equipped me with the confidence and knowledge that I needed to become a nurse in Canada. It also helped shape the lives of my entire family members in a very positive way. It was a tough journey indeed but OMNI was there for me all the way!

Chinenye | Nigeria
Currently: Working as an RN in Vancouver, BC

My experience in OMNI made me realize that learning is not just confined within the four corners of a classroom. The battle is beyond and OMNI served as one of the significant weapons that helped me get through the challenge and reach my goals.

Divine | The Philippines & Qatar
Currently: Toronto, ON, Canada. Now working as an RN.

I met so many precious people at OMNI: my classmates, the graduates, teachers and staff. They gave me support, advice and love. They helped me in so many ways.

Esther | South Korea
Currently: Delta, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

OMNI College provides the necessary knowledge, skills and core values to prepare the Internationally Educated Nurses to practice safely in Canada. It provides motivation to the IENs to serve the public with utmost passion. OMNI Family is where you can feel the love, care, support and understanding that you need in order to succeed as a nurse in Canada.

Florievic | The Philippines
Currently: Working as an RN in Brampton, Ontario

Having the opportunity to study at OMNI has been a great pleasure. Not only have I learned how a nurse should react to situations but I have learned to engulf the experience, give rationales to nursing processes and be a great team member in collaboration with other health care providers; which is a great difference from where I come from and practice I had in my country. This is all thanks to the wonderful team of staff members at this college, who do take you in and not only educate you on the Canadian standards of nursing but make sure you part of their global family.

Fritz | Cameroon
Currently: Current student in Canadian Nursing Review Program

I learned a lot about the difference of nursing between Canada and Japan and really enjoyed my entire experience at OMNI College.

Haruna | Japan
Currently: On board one of the world’s largest cruise lines, now working as an RN.

We are a family at OMNI College. All the students have a great relationship with each other, no matter which country they came from. There are special events and parties where we celebrate many festivals together. It is a great opportunity for anyone to study at OMNI College and I believe we can achieve our goals in the future. I am very happy to be here.

Hazel | China
Currently: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

I’m so grateful to have met my instructor and the people at OMNI. They always do their best to help me and I am so grateful.

Hyeryun | South Korea
Currently: Delta, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the whole team of OMNI. From the admin to the instructors: Louise, Debbie, Marina, Shauna and Camellia, you are the best! From February 27, 2015 the day I arrived in Canada and when Tony picked me up from the airport, my OMNI journey began and until now. My journey continues as I want to help other OMNI grads too as much as I can.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

Ian | Philippines
Currently: Registered Nurse in New Brunswick, Canada

OMNI College really understands the needs of Internationally-Educated Nurses because they assess each student and determine what they specifically need to practice and work on.

JR | The Philippines
Currently: Nanaimo, British Columbia. Now working as an RN.

For those students who are interested in OMNI College – if you really want to be an RN in BC, you are thinking about the right school. This is your way!

Mamiko | Japan
Currently: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

OMNI College gives a good foundation for Internationally-Educated Nurses to be able to gain confidence and practice nursing here in Canada. You will be able to compete with other nurses and they (employers) will say that you also have knowledge and skills even though you are an Internationally-Educated Nurse.

Merrill | The Philippines
Currently: Registered Nurse in Vancouver, British Columbia

Best place for a Internationally Educated Nurses to pursue Nursing in Canada. Million thanks to OMNI College and staff for all the help and support…

Renju | India
Currently: Halifax, NS, Canada. Now working as an RN.

If anyone really wants to work as a nurse in North America, I recommend training at OMNI College. The College staff truly provides a lot of support to all the hard-working students.

Rie | Japan
Currently: Orlando, Florida, USA. Now working as an RN.

My big dream was to become a nurse in Canada. It was not easy, but I was able to achieve it because of OMNI.

Sachiko | Japan
Currently: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.
Safiyeh (Sophia)

When I came here I didn’t know anything about CELBAN at all. Without your help and direction I wouldn’t be able to pass CELBAN. Even though my English was adequate but I didn’t have any idea how to do CELBAN. Thank to OMNI College by helping me through this challenge. I don’t think any other institute or college could offer more than you offered.

Safiyeh (Sophia) | Iran
Currently: Successfully achieved the scores required by the nursing regulatory bodies in Canada.

OMNI supports us in all aspects in what we need to become a successful Canadian nurse. Whether on-campus or off-campus, OMNI is always there to help. I give OMNI a 5-star rating!

Scott | The Philippines
Currently: Working as an RN in British Columbia.

I gained so much from OMNI, among them the most precious thing I got was I passed my RN exam. The exam was extremely tough, but with the training and practice I got from OMNI, made the exam a simple one.

Subha | India
Currently: Toronto, ON, Canada. Now working as an RN.
Suzie Kang

My instructor gave me not only plenty of nursing knowledge, but also her super emotional support. I will never forget her. I also met many international nurses who had the same goal as mine, and I learned about their different cultures. We shared information, feelings, our experiences being new to Canada, and we also enjoyed some great parties together! The most important thing I gained from OMNI was my self-confidence as a Canadian nurse – I am so happy now! For any student considering OMNI College, I would say to them that if you have the will there is always a way. OMNI College will help you become the next Canadian nurse!!

Suzie Kang | South Korea
Currently: RN in Vancouver, BC
Tamako (Tammy)

And I’m deeply grateful to OMNI College for enabling me to move forward in my pursuit to become a successful RN here.

Tamako (Tammy) | Japan
Currently: Vancouver, BC, Canada. Now working as an RN.

It may have taken a while for me to become an RN here but the road to that journey was not that bad. The friends and the family I made along the way, and had brought me to where I am today. Indeed, this OMNI family has always been there for me and will always be something I will be forever grateful for. They had never ceased on instilling hope to us. Thank you, not just for being my gateway here in Canada but most of all, for opening the door towards the future I want for myself and my family. To my fellow international nurses, it is worth the wait and worth the pain, never lose hope and keep your faith!

Zoe | Philippines
Currently: Now a Registered Nurse in Prince George, BC