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Canadian Nursing Review Advanced

The Canadian Nursing Review – Advanced program is designed for Internationally-Educated Nurses from all over the world who are interested in becoming nurses in Canada, and who already have a high proficiency in English.

You either:

Come from a country where your basic nursing education was taught from an English curriculum,


You have already achieved a minimum IELTS 6.5 overall or equivalent.

This program is for Internationally-Educated Nurses (IENs) who do not need language and medical terminology training, are who are ready to begin their Canadian nursing training right away.  Should you require language support, view the details of our full Canadian Nursing Review program (18 months) here.

ADVANCED program length: 12 months

  • Canadian Nursing Review (includes a 1-week clinical placement at a health care facility)
  • Workplace Preparation & Nurse Licensing Exam Prep (NCLEX-RN or CPNRE)
  • The Co-Op Education Work Experience
  • Leadership in Nursing

The Canadian Nursing Review and Workplace/Licensing Exam Prep course teaches skill-development, critical-thinking training for nursing judgments, test question approach strategies, safe and effective workplace practice, and cultural awareness. Students have the opportunity to develop their practical experience during on-site laboratory sessions and case-study simulations. As an introduction to a Canadian health care facility, students have an opportunity to help residents with ADLs (activities of daily living) during a 1-week clinical placement.

The Co-Op Work Experience is an essential component of the program. Students have the opportunity to complete a co-op work experience at a Canadian hospital or health care facility. Nursing procedures vary from country to country, so the work experience offers invaluable training in nursing in a North American health care environment.

Leadership in Nursing equips students with much needed entry-level leadership and management skills. This final piece will allow you to explore the concept of leadership needed in nursing in Canada, and further the observations made during your co-op work experience.

Once completed, successful graduates of this program will be much more confident about working in the Canadian health care environment.

(*NCLEX-RN: National Council Licensure Examination, CPNRE: Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination.)

  • OMNI College really understands the needs of Internationally-Educated Nurses because they assess each student and determine what they specifically need to practice and work on.

    JR | The Philippines
  • I gained so much from OMNI, among them the most precious thing I got was I passed my RN exam. The exam was extremely tough, but with the training and practice I got from OMNI, made the exam a simple one.

    Subha | India
  • It may have taken a while for me to become an RN here but the road to that journey was not that bad. The friends and the family I made along the way, and had brought me to where I am today. Indeed, this OMNI family has always been there for me and will always be something I will be forever grateful for. They had never ceased on instilling hope to us. Thank you, not just for being my gateway here in Canada but most of all, for opening the door towards the future I want for myself and my family. To my fellow international nurses, it is worth the wait and worth the pain, never lose hope and keep your faith!

    Zoe | Philippines

Admission Requirements

  • Must be registered as an RN in country of origin
  • Must have a minimum of 1125 hours of RN nursing experience within the last 4 years
  • Minimum overall IELTS Academic 6.5 or equivalent
  • Pass the OMNI Comprehensive Nursing assessment
  • Pass an interview with an OMNI Advisor

*currently international student applicants must also have at least 2 years minimum of RN work experience within the past 6 years. Experience must have been practiced as a licensed Nurse.

Following the start of their program, and prior to the clinical experience component of their program, students must also provide a clear criminal background check, current CPR certification, and evidence of up-to-date immunizations as required by clinical sites.

Program Fees*

  • Tuition

    $16,300 CAD

  • Textbook & Materials

    $1,150 CAD

* please download the catalogue for a complete list of fees

Program Length & Schedule

12 months full time

To become a nurse in Canada, the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) provides a streamlined assessment service for Internationally-Educated Nurses interested in applying for nurse registration in Canada. All applicants must apply first through the NNAS. OMNI College will help advise you in your application process.

After assessment by the NNAS, the provincial regulatory body may require further assessment or courses (in addition to the training by OMNI College), which may create delays in your process. All applicants to OMNI are interviewed by an OMNI Advisor, so we encourage all applicants to discuss their personal timing plan during their interview.

For more information, please visit their website at

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