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The Voice

Louise Levinson, RN, is the Program Director at OMNI College. She is often referred to by students as “the Voice in my head”. She has been with OMNI for over 13 years, and has passionately crafted the College’s nursing curriculums into what they are today. As an Internationally-Educated nurse herself, Louise originally came to Canada 20 years ago from South Africa and went through the same path many of our students face today. She pours her whole heart into ensuring our students get the learning they need to become safe and effective nurses in Canada.

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Join Us!

Students describe OMNI as being their ‘home away from home’, because we offer a welcoming, family oriented and fun school culture. Every team member shares in the pride of our student graduates and our track record of success. We believe that everyone should enjoy their work and have professional and personal job satisfaction, and as a result we have very low staff turnover: some of our staff members have remained with us since the day OMNI was founded in 1999.

If you think you have what it takes to contribute to our students' success, send us your resume and covering letter to [email protected]

Current openings:

P/T or F/T RN Instructor