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Heart and Stroll

Cherry is originally from China but she grew up in Japan and Canada. Since the day she was born, she was exposed to health care – her mother was a nurse. The hospital quickly became Cherry’s daily after-school childcare when her mother was busy with her shift.

Now as a nurse herself, Cherry’s primary practice is in Cardiac Care and Interventional Procedures. She is greatly passionate about providing top-quality care from a holistic and collective perspective. As a nursing instructor at OMNI College, her goal is to foster a generation of nurses who are compassionate towards others, and who will restore the qualify of life for many. 

When not at work, Cherry will either be traveling around the world to learn new perspectives, or taking strolls along the shoreline.

Join Us!

Students describe OMNI as being their ‘home away from home’, because we offer a welcoming, family oriented and fun school culture. Every team member shares in the pride of our student graduates and our track record of success. We believe that everyone should enjoy their work and have professional and personal job satisfaction, and as a result we have very low staff turnover: some of our staff members have remained with us since the day OMNI was founded in 1999.

If you think you have what it takes to contribute to our students' success, send us your resume and covering letter to [email protected]

Current openings:

P/T or F/T RN Instructor