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Our Commitment

Why Choose OMNI?

Our commitment is to ensure our students are successful.

OMNI’s purpose is “to deliver exceptional programs that prepare students for a successful cultural and educational transition into the workforce. To be recognized worldwide as a credible, responsible and caring educational institution.”

We abide by the 4 core values: Quality, Integrity, Support & Family.

  • Quality: We are committed to our students’ success.
  • Integrity: We believe in honesty, trust and transparency. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • Support: We encourage, guide and support our students.
  • Family: We are a home away from home. A place to feel welcomed, comfortable, trusted and encouraged.

Our 20+ years of specializing in training Internationally-Educated Nurses has made us experts in the field.

There are many reasons why you should choose OMNI. Below are just a few:

  • A Long History with a Proven Success Rate: since 1999, more than 95% of OMNI students who have written the Canadian nurse licensing exam have passed.
  • Permanent Residency Possibility: Obtaining a Canadian nursing license and a nursing job can open doors to Permanent Residency. The majority of Internationally-Educated Nurses who have come to OMNI College with the goal of remaining in the country after graduation have successfully done so. Canada needs nurses.
  • Government Approved:
    • OMNI College is designated by the Government of Canada under the International Student Program (ISP) as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). Under this ISP, full-time students enrolled in eligible programs may work part-time during studies and full-time during scheduled breaks without a work permit. OMNI’s DLI number is #O19347439002.
    • We are designated by the Private Training Institutes Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education in British Columbia. This designation status demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality education and service, and gives you access to student loan and possible funding opportunities.
    • Education Quality Assurance: OMNI College is also proud to be deemed as an EQA institution. The EQA (Education Quality Assurance) designation was created by the Government of British Columbia as a seal of approval recognizable worldwide, with its main purpose to act as an assurance of quality and consumer protection to international learners and governments.
  • Created by a Registered Nurse: The College was founded in 1999 by Mr. Ron Burke, a Canadian Registered Nurse, who is passionate about nursing and education. As an RN himself, he was able to create, build and develop the College with the firsthand familiarity of what kind of training nurses truly need in order to succeed in the workforce.
  • Comprehensive programs: We deliver exceptional programs with comprehensive training that is directly transferable to the workplace. OMNI’s programs include classroom learning, hands-on work training, exposure to Canadian culture and English language training.
  • Reputable instructors: Learn from the highest quality of instructors. OMNI instructors are health care professionals with highly esteemed reputations as educators. Their reputations alone have brought students to the College, leading them to choose OMNI over any other.
  • Specialized in training nurses: OMNI is specialized in training internationally-educated nurses. We offer only programs that will benefit the nursing community, so that we may remain focused in this area of expertise.
  • Connections with employers: OMNI College has built long-term relationships with hundreds of employers all across Canada. We have a reputation for providing them with skilled nurses, and these employers always come back to us wanting more OMNI graduates. Your chances of securing a job following graduation from OMNI College are the highest possible.
  • An ideal location: Situated in the world’s most livable city – Vancouver, Canada – the OMNI College campus is conveniently located 5 minutes from the Vancouver International Airport, 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, and walking distance to the Canada Line Skytrain Line, bus station, major shopping areas, dining and recreation. Read more about Vancouver here.

Becoming a nurse in Canada can be a very complex journey. We encourage all students who are considering which college to attend to do their research, read about the nurse registration system, ask to speak with current students or graduates. Your education is an investment into yourself. We encourage you to invest the time to research your options before you make a decision. By doing so, we know that you will come to decide on OMNI College.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to the whole team of OMNI. From the admin to the instructors: Louise, Debbie, Marina, Shauna and Camellia, you are the best! From February 27, 2015 the day I arrived in Canada and when Tony picked me up from the airport, my OMNI journey began and until now. My journey continues as I want to help other OMNI grads too as much as I can.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

    Ian | Philippines
  • My instructor gave me not only plenty of nursing knowledge, but also her super emotional support. I will never forget her. I also met many international nurses who had the same goal as mine, and I learned about their different cultures. We shared information, feelings, our experiences being new to Canada, and we also enjoyed some great parties together! The most important thing I gained from OMNI was my self-confidence as a Canadian nurse – I am so happy now! For any student considering OMNI College, I would say to them that if you have the will there is always a way. OMNI College will help you become the next Canadian nurse!!

    Suzie Kang
    Suzie Kang | South Korea
  • It may have taken a while for me to become an RN here but the road to that journey was not that bad. The friends and the family I made along the way, and had brought me to where I am today. Indeed, this OMNI family has always been there for me and will always be something I will be forever grateful for. They had never ceased on instilling hope to us. Thank you, not just for being my gateway here in Canada but most of all, for opening the door towards the future I want for myself and my family. To my fellow international nurses, it is worth the wait and worth the pain, never lose hope and keep your faith!

    Zoe | Philippines