About OMNI

Flash forward to today, OMNI has a proven track record with extremely high (95%) success rates for Nurses. – 2015

OMNI College is an accredited, private post-secondary education institution specialized in training internationally-educated health care professionals for work in Canada.

Located in a bustling suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, OMNI College has been successfully training internationally-educated nurses since 1999, and we hope that you will spend 2 minutes to read a little bit about our story…

The College was founded in 1999 by Mr. Ron Burke, who himself is a Canadian Registered Nurse and entrepreneur.  He ran several successful health care related businesses before starting the College, and continues to share his passion for nursing and education with others.

At times, as with many new business start ups, establishing OMNI’s reputation and success proved difficult as costs were high and few people knew about OMNI.  However, despite the challenges, Ron pushed on determined to continue to help others fulfill their dreams of becoming licensed health care workers in Canada.  Flash forward to today, OMNI can now boast a proven track record with extremely high success rates.  To date, 95% of OMNI students who have written the Canadian Nurse licensing exams has successfully passed.

Many other colleges and private tutors, including public schools, have tried to replicate OMNI’s track record.  We encourage all students who are considering which college to attend to do their due diligence, do the research needed and ask to speak with the school’s current students or graduates.  Your education is an investment into yourself, and we encourage you to invest the time to research your options before you make a decision.  By doing so, we hope that you will come to decide on OMNI.  We look forward to welcoming you to OMNI College!


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