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International Students

Student / Work Visas

OMNI College is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) as part of the International Student Program (ISP) of the Government of Canada.

Prospective students who are applying to OMNI College must include OMNI’s DLI number on their application for a study permit. This number is

DLI# O19347439002

The main purpose of this ISP is to protect the integrity and reputation of Canada’s high-quality education systems. Study permits are only be granted to international students who have obtained a Letter of Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution, such as OMNI College.

The ISP allows full-time students enrolled in eligible programs at Designated Learning Institutions to work part-time during studies and full-time during scheduled breaks without a work permit.

Student Visas:

In addition to each program’s Admission Requirements, all international students must also meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a valid student permit, issued by Canada Immigration
  • Hold a valid work visa authorization (if your program includes a work component), issued by Canada Immigration
  • Have proof of medical insurance coverage for your stay in Canada
  • Hold a valid passport
  • Provide a physicians’ report stating that you are in good health

For more information regarding the International Student Program, please see Citizenship & Immigration Canada’s website.

Work Visas:

International students taking a program that includes a practical (work experience) component that is an essential and integral part of the program must obtain a Working Visa. Students in the Canadian Nursing Review Program for IENs will require a Working Visa.

For more information on applying for student/work visas, contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada, or consult your country’s Canadian Consulate or Embassy.