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Nursing Journeys Vol. 3 – Wilma Rodrigues

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Wilma had a dream to come to Canada for a very long time.  

She heard that Ron Burke, the Founder of OMNI College, would be visiting Kerala, India, to conduct an information session for nurses in India.  However, Wilma was living in another city and couldn’t attend in person.  She really wanted to meet with Ron so ended up being able to arrange a Skype meeting. 

It was during that meeting online that she felt the doors opened for her to realize her dream.  She learned all about OMNI College and about the process of becoming nurse in Canada.

During her meeting online she felt a genuine trust and respect for Ron, and knew right away that she would be taken care of in Canada.  So she did not even research or look at other colleges.  She says “He appeared to be very helpful and approachable, which turned out to be very true.”

Upon arriving into Canada and going through the OMNI program and the nurse registration process, Wilma found that the entire OMNI family and staff helped to keep her motivated. 

Not only did she get the academic training she needed to be successful in the workplace, she learned far more than that too, including humility, being respectful and other soft skills that are critical to the workplace in Canada. 

The hardest parts, Wilma says, were “financial challenges, and being away from my family – but my aim was to become a nurse in Canada, and I wasn’t willing to let any obstacles get in my way.” 

Upon achieving her Canadian RN license, Wilma was able to secure employment right away. 

“There are many nursing jobs here.  Plus, my instructors were always there for me and provided great support throughout the entire process. They are my backbone to becoming a nurse here in Canada.”  

Today, Wilma says her life is so much easier than it was back in India. 

“The knowledge I gained from OMNI helps me at my workplace but also in my daily life out in Canadian society.  I have built many friendships at church. We have an Indian community here too so we still get to celebrate our same Indian occasions as back home.”   

“I love so many things about being a nurse here in Canada. Back home only doctors used to carry stethoscopes.  Here I feel proud to put a stethoscope around my neck and care for patients. Everyone treats you with respect. Nurses are regarded very highly here in Canada.”  

“There are many in-service education opportunities at work too, including nursing skill classes which are all paid by the employers. Moreover, we have an amazing pension plan for retirement.  Our Nurse to patient ratio is 1:4 or 5 during day and night. Besides this, we also have sufficient break times.”


So – did Wilma achieve her goal to come to Canada? 

Yes, absolutely.  She is now a Permanent Resident. 

She qualified through the point system. 

Recently she sent us a photo of her and her family from the new home she has purchased.  She was able to buy her house after securing her permanent RN job and after only a few months of working.  “This made me feel something really different – I think it was pride”.


Final words, from Wilma: “Respect makes Canada special to me. A big THANK YOU to OMNI College”.  ~Wilma Rodrigues, RN.

Wilma proudly pinning her flag on the “Where Our Students Are Working As Nurses” wall map at OMNI College Canada


Download the full story as a PDF (Vol 3_WilmaRodrigues)

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