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What Is It Like To Quarantine Upon Arrival In Canada?

What Is It Like To Quarantine Upon Arrival In Canada?

July 07, 2021

What Is It Like To Quarantine Upon Arrival In Canada?

We checked in with a few of the most recent Internationally-Educated Nurses who have completed their 2-week self-quarantine to find out what it was like. 

This particular group arrived after traveling from countries such as the Philippines, India, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Overall, they all agreed it was a pretty smooth process.  Each of them was released from quarantine healthy, safe, and happy to be on campus at OMNI College!

A couple of the students experienced a few minor nuances, but in general, all went very well.  Most students were able to self-report for symptoms through the easy-to-use ArriveCANADA app, but one student encountered some issues with her app so had to call in every day instead.  It was a slight inconvenience but nothing insurmountable.  A few of the students were also visited by government representatives to ensure they were adhering to their self-quarantine plan.  These visits were random, and not everyone was visited.     

Each of their flights included stopovers into other countries, and they needed to plan carefully to ensure that their proof of negative COVID-19 test was done within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of their last direct flight to Canada.  

During their 3-night stay at the government-authorized hotels, the students were provided with daily meals as part of their hotel costs.  Once they moved onward to their next place of quarantine, they had pre-arranged how they would be able to have their groceries and necessities delivered.  They all followed their quarantine plan successfully. 

There are other OMNI students from Kenya, and more from India and the Philippines, who have also recently arrived safely in Canada and who are still completing their self-quarantine. Although they are not yet able to join us in person at the College, they have been attending virtual classes online from their quarantine location.    

Whether meeting together in-person or online, this group of students has already formed a special bond.  They even got together to surprise one of the students for her birthday earlier this week! 

Everyone is very excited to have arrived in Canada and is looking forward to welcoming their entire class together at the College. 


To learn more about the quarantine requirements for international students to enter Canada, visit the government website here

All international students coming to OMNI College are guided and supported every step of the way.  We have a comprehensive International Student Arrival & Quarantine Guide available on the COVID-19 Update section of our website.