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OMNI College Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary with a Look Back to Some of Its Most Pivotal Moments

OMNI College Celebrates its 20 Year Anniversary with a Look Back to Some of Its Most Pivotal Moments

August 08, 2019

It was a beautiful day to host the annual BBQ in Vancouver, British Columbia, where OMNI celebrated its milestone anniversary with students and staff.  A timeline graph was unveiled looking back at some key moments in its history in training Internationally-Educated Nurses.  These moments all contributed to where the college is today, now regarded by many across the country (and around the world) as “the experts in IEN education in Canada”.

For 20 years, OMNI College has successfully transitioned Internationally-Educated Nurses into the Canadian workplace.  The programs assist IENs not only by bridging the gap in their training, but also to navigate the complex and challenging process to become registered as a nurse in Canada. 

“Over the years, the registration process in BC and across all provinces has become progressively more and more difficult.  It is particularly overwhelming for international nurses and foreigners who have newly arrived in our country – so overwhelming that thousands of qualified nurses in Canada with tremendous nursing experience in their home countries end up giving up, and take other jobs instead.  Yet Canada is desperate for these nurses.  At OMNI, we give them the training and the skills they need, plus we help take them through the entire registration process, step by step,” says Louise Levinson, OMNI’s long time Program Director. 

As a highly specialized niche school, OMNI’s current capacity is limited to accept only 108 Internationally-Educated Nursing students per year at its Richmond campus.  Plans for expansion are underway, including additional campuses in other provinces. 

Ron Burke, the College’s Founder, says that “employers are calling us every week for our nurses, not just here in BC, but from every province in Canada.”  Given the college’s 20 year reputation and track record, the employers trust the quality of the students graduating from the college and often even find themselves competing for the best of the best graduates. 

“We are extremely proud to celebrate our 20th year as a quality education insitution, and with our planned strategic expansion, we look forward to our next 20 years of continuing to bring qualified, experienced IENs to the Canadian health care workplace”, said Ron.    

Alongside the festivities onsite, the college also launched their revamped website at  It’s a refreshed take on the original site but is now better suited to assist IENs from around the world to apply to OMNI College.

For more information, contact OMNI College at [email protected]


About OMNI College

OMNI College specializes in preparing Internationally-Educated Nurses for work in Canada. The College is a government designated, private post-secondary education institution located in Richmond, a bustling suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Visit