Student Resources

OMNI College is committed to providing students with the highest level of support that will help maximize their chances of success.  Some of the services offered include:

  • Free high-speed internet: all students have access to our  computer lab which is fully-equipped and connected to high-speed internet.  Wireless internet is also available throughout the campus.
  • Medical insurance: OMNI students qualify for special reduced rates for medical insurance.
  • Study visa and work permit referrals: We refer only reputable immigration companies that have the right kind of expertise and that have had proven success with previous OMNI students.
  • Financial aid: OMNI College is designated by StudentAidBC. You may be eligible for financial assistance, whether through funding, student loans or bursaries.  Visit our Financial Assistance page for more details.
  • Employment assistance: engaging job search workshops are held quarterly at the College, providing guidance to students on resume writing, interview questions, follow up tactics and job links.
  • Personal advising: each student has access to a personal advisor that will offer guidance and support every step of the way.  OMNI advisors include the College’s Founder, Mr. Ron Burke, who is a Registered Nurse and has been advising students through their journey to become health care workers in Canada for over 10 years.
  • English-Only Policy: OMNI College is highly committed to the success of the students, so we all adhere to a strict English-Only Policy.  All students practice English as often as possible.
  • Social events and activities: we provide quarterly celebrations, weekly movie matinees and other seasonal events and activities.  All students are invited to participate, including alumni.
  • Alumni connections: OMNI graduates are often invited to return to do guest lecturing, or simply to attend our events. This is always a great opportunity for current students to learn first-hand about their experiences in the workplace, and also to develop them as contacts for potential employment in the future.
  • Accommodation & Airport pick-up: we have pre-screened local homestay options, and have a select group of friendly and trustworthy homestay service providers available to OMNI students. Homestay arrangements as well as additional optional airport pickup services are booked directly with the homestay placement agency.  A list of these agencies will be provided to you during your admissions process. 


From: Canada
Currently: Successfully achieved the scores required by the nursing regulatory bodies in Canada.

I have been a nurse for 10 years in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada before I moved in BC. Due to receiving all my education in French I had to pass the CELBAN exam to earn my nursing license in BC. I was anxious to pass this exam because it meant that I could work as a nurse here. I did the CELBAN preparation class at OMNI College and this gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goal. I met exceptional teachers and classmates at OMNI. I feel that teachers really understand what students are going through, they are empathetic and they believe in our potential. I also received excellent coaching on my personal needs. Now I am happy to be a RN in BC.