As an international student in Canada, you must provide your own private medical insurance to cover the first 3 months of your stay. This insurance must cover comprehensive health and accident coverage.

If you do not have medical insurance, OMNI has arranged a special discounted rate for students through a local insurance provider.  The OMNI student medical insurance plan is underwritten by the largest insurance company in the world – Lloyds of London – and offers comprehensive health, accident coverage, and some other extras like emergency dental, prescription medication, etc.  Please check with your OMNI advisor if you are interested in choosing this insurance.

After three months, you are required by law to purchase medical insurance through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP), which is a medical insurance plan offered through the Province of British Columbia. Therefore, you do not need to purchase private insurance for longer than three months. The current rate for the BC medical insurance plan is CDN $75 per month.

If you are planning to come to Canada with family members that will be staying with you for the duration of your study/work experience, BC Medical Services Plan allows you to purchase extended coverage for your family members as well.

For more detailed information about MSP, please see

OMNI College and the OMNI Centre of Excellence are not responsible in any way for claims related to medical insurance. OMNI College and The OMNI Centre of Excellence is not liable in any way to the student for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property regardless of cause.


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