Bus & SkyTrain

The city of Vancouver and its people feel very strongly about “Going Green” and being as environmental as possible, which means the city does what it can to minimize the number of vehicles and their harmful pollutants on the streets.  As a result, the city is extremely well connected by bus routes and Skytrains.  The Skytrain is just like a subway or metro system, but the trains move mostly above-ground.  Route maps are available from the Vancouver Travel Info Centre at 200 Burrard Street 683-2000 or from the various Translink office locations. You can also check their website at

On Foot

The best way to truly appreciate the many facets of any city is generally by foot. Drivers in Vancouver are particularly courteous when it comes to pedestrians and are willing to stop to give them the right of way. But be careful when and where you step off the curb. Pedestrian crosswalks are usually marked with a white sign. When driving, pay special attention that no one is about to cross near these signs.

By Ferry

There is a ferry between Granville Island (on the West Side of Vancouver) and the Hornby Street dock (in downtown Vancouver). It runs from 7:00 to 20:00. For more information check out

By Taxi

Hailing a taxi in Vancouver is not a problem, especially near the entrances of large downtown hotels and along main roads such as Robson Street and Georgia Street. However, be advised that taxis in Canada are expensive. The average cost of a five-minute ride can be as high as $15.00, depending on the distance you travel.



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I have been a nurse for 10 years in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada before I moved in BC. Due to receiving all my education in French I had to pass the CELBAN exam to earn my nursing license in BC. I was anxious to pass this exam because it meant that I could work as a nurse here. I did the CELBAN preparation class at OMNI College and this gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goal. I met exceptional teachers and classmates at OMNI. I feel that teachers really understand what students are going through, they are empathetic and they believe in our potential. I also received excellent coaching on my personal needs. Now I am happy to be a RN in BC.