Students who are accepted into OMNI College are generally extremely focused and serious health care professionals.  They take their studies very seriously, each striving towards their goals of becoming licensed health care workers in Canada.

However, no matter how intensive their training may be, we believe our students still need time to have a little fun, and learn something along the way too.

At OMNI, we provide regular social activities that give our students the opportunity to meet people from other classes as well as graduates who have gone on to work in the field.  The activities are not only just for fun, they also give students the chance to practice their language skills, learn more about Canadian culture, but most importantly have some laughs too!

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From: Brazil
Currently: Current student in Canadian Nursing Review Program

Minha experiência no OMNI College superou minhas expectativas. A oportunidade de compartilhar experiências com enfermeiros de outros países, juntamente com uma equipe de funcionários bastante prestativa, e professores com profundo conhecimento, fazem do College um excelente local para reaprender enfermagem no cenário Canadense.