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CELBAN Test Preparation

Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses (CELBAN) is an assessment tool designed to assess the English language proficiency of Internationally-Educated Nurses who are applying for licensure in the nursing profession in Canada.

CELBAN has been recognized by all the nursing licensing bodies across Canada.

Who the Program is for

If you completed your nursing education in another country and you speak English as a second language, you will want to take the CELBAN & IELTS Test Prep course at OMNI College. CELBAN & IELTS has been endorsed by most RN, RPN and all LPN licensing bodies across Canada as an acceptable option to demonstrate your level of English language proficiency for licensure. These tests will evaluate your proficiency level in all four skill areas (speaking, listening, writing and reading).

The CELBAN & IELTS Test Preparation course at OMNI College is designed to improve the student’s English Language competency in order to prepare them to practice nursing in Canada. This course also helps Internationally-Educated Nurses prepare to write the CELBAN™ Test or the IELTS Test.

Unlike other CELBAN & IELTS Test Preparation courses offered elsewhere that may be only 1 – 2 days per week, spread out over many weeks, OMNI’s course is highly intensive and runs Monday through Friday every day. We found that after years of offering CELBAN & IELTS Test Preparation to IENs, this intensive and daily class delivery model was what maximized the students’ chances for success.

  • OMNI is the best college which can understand the importance of CELBAN and help the students in the best possible way. I would not have done it without OMNI!

    Anupa | India
  • I have been a nurse for 10 years in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada before I moved in BC. Due to receiving all my education in French I had to pass the CELBAN exam to earn my nursing license in BC. I was anxious to pass this exam because it meant that I could work as a nurse here. I did the CELBAN preparation class at OMNI College and this gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goal. I met exceptional teachers and classmates at OMNI. I feel that teachers really understand what students are going through, they are empathetic and they believe in our potential. I also received excellent coaching on my personal needs. Now I am happy to be a RN in BC.

    Audrey | Canada
  • When I came here I didn’t know anything about CELBAN at all. Without your help and direction I wouldn’t be able to pass CELBAN. Even though my English was adequate but I didn’t have any idea how to do CELBAN. Thank to OMNI College by helping me through this challenge. I don’t think any other institute or college could offer more than you offered.

    Safiyeh (Sophia)
    Safiyeh (Sophia) | Iran

Course Outline

Students in this course participate in a variety of exercises to deepen their understanding of English and related medical vocabulary to reinforce the skills covered in daily lessons.

Emphasis will be on daily intensive practice that will give students personalized help in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and in improving their English language proficiency and confidence level needed to practice as a nurse in a Canadian health care environment.

Students will be given practice tests developed by OMNI College that were designed to simulate real exam conditions, and be provided with competency scores based on exam criteria, along with personalized comments to guide them in improving competency level.

Students will participate in one-on-one interviews with an instructor, which simulates the actual exam situation. Each student will be provided with a detailed written assessment of strengths and weaknesses including suggestions on how to improve.

Admission Requirements

In order to enroll in OMNI’s CELBAN & IELTS Test Prep course you must have:

  • Minimum IELTS Academic 6.5 overall or equivalent
  • Pass an interview with OMNI Admissions

Interested in applying, but you don’t have an IELTS score?  If you are already in Canada please contact us for a possible in-house English assessment equivalent.

Program Fees*

  • Tuition

    $1,350 CAD

  • Textbook & Materials

    $40 CAD

* please download the catalogue for a complete list of fees

Program Length & Schedule

4 weeks intensive full time course

* Note: successful completion of this course does not guarantee a passing grade on the CELBAN or IELTS test.

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