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In Just One Year…You Could Be A Licensed Nurse in Canada

The Canadian Nursing Review program at OMNI College is specifically designed for Internationally-Educated Nurses (IENs) like you. For more than 20 years, we have supported IENs on their journey to become nurses in Canada.

These students made it in just 1 year.


Sheily came to OMNI College from the Philippines in 2018. Within just 1 year, she not only achieved her Canadian nursing license, she also began her new job as a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada. She now resides in the province of Nova Scotia, where she enjoys an amazing salary, fulfilling work as a nurse, and a wonderful quality of life!


Jinky also joined OMNI College in 2018 and is now a Canadian nurse working in the province of British Columbia. She accomplished her achievements in just 1 year of beginning OMNI’s Canadian Nursing Review program.


Vannessa (pictured above with Sheily) came to OMNI College as an Internationally-Educated Nurse from the Philippines. She is now licensed as a nurse in Canada and is working in the province of British Columbia. She too, successfully achieved her goal in just 1 year of beginning her Canadian Nursing Review program at OMNI!

Could you be our next success story?

Although the Canadian Nursing Review – Advanced program at OMNI College takes 12 months of study, Internationally-Educated Nurses who come to Canada generally take an average of 1.5 years to become a Practical Nurse, or 2.5 years to become a Registered Nurse, in order to get through the nurse registration process as well. However, students like Sheily, Vannessa, Jinky and others have achieved their goals in a much shorter period of time!

They all achieved the English scores quickly, had smooth application processes with the nursing regulatory bodies, and were fortunate in securing jobs almost immediately after successfully achieving their nursing licenses.

While their cases were quicker than usual, becoming licensed as a nurse in Canada in 1 year is definitely attainable!

Even if it ends up taking the full amount of time, it would all be worth it in the end. Your life will change for the better  with:

  • a very high rate of pay
  • an increased standard of living
  • and being able to enjoy a beautiful future in Canada.

If your goal is to become licensed as a nurse as quickly as possible, come to OMNI College with the determination to stay focused and work hard. Having an already high level of English proficiency before you come to Canada will also expedite your process.

Time is ticking.  Begin your journey today.