February 1, 2017: An OMNI College Advisor successfully licensed as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

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RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA – OMNI College is pleased to share that one of their long time Student Success Advisors, Ms. Catarina Oey, has successfully achieved her license as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). This certification achievement will further the College’s mandate to continually provide a wide range of support for its international students.

“International students make up the majority of our student base,” says OMNI Vice President, Tony Burke. “It’s the nature of our business”. OMNI College is specialized in training and preparing internationally-educated nurses for work in Canada. “Most of our students come here with the intent to immigrate to Canada, and need a lot of guidance and support to help them achieve their ultimate goals. Having an OMNI staff member designated as an RCIC with very specialized experience in assisting specifically nurses settle in Canada will be a great help to our students.”

In the past, students had to hire an external Immigration Consultant to help process their paperwork. Students will now have the option, instead of going elsewhere to other RCIC’s who may not have direct experience with nurses, to engage the services of Ms. Oey. The services available include study permit applications, file review, permit extensions, and permanent residency applications.

Becoming an RCIC in Canada is not an easy task. It requires lengthy courses, focused study and passing an intensive licensing exam that many are unable to accomplish. When speaking with Ms. Oey about her accomplishments, she relates it to the process that OMNI students face. “One of the things our nursing students learn quickly here is the importance of determination and patience. With the complex nursing registration process and the long process of immigration, we never give up but develop resilience and patience instead to achieve our goals. We tackle one obstacle at a time, with patience and determination, and we shall all see success”. With such great advice, it’s no wonder the majority of OMNI College alumni nurses have successfully immigrated to Canada and continue to work as licensed nurses in our country.

For more information about the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council please visit: http://iccrc-crcic.info/

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