Miss Spontaneity

Leah is a Special Projects Coordinator at OMNI who loves taking on new projects and learning new things. She is always looking to develop different skills in both her professional and personal life, pushing herself out of her comfort zone as much as possible! When she is not out somewhere facing her fears by zip lining or white water rafting in foreign lands, she is learning a wide variety of additional skills, ranging anywhere from golfing to cooking to learning new languages and even becoming a certified yoga instructor. There is no limit to what Leah can do, her curiosity and zest for new experiences is endless.

Known best for her adventurous heart and spontaneous attitude, Leah loves to jet set on a whim to far away places. Her greatest memory was waking up one morning and deciding to catch the next flight to Italy – so she did! She follows her instinct and makes things happen. With such an enthusiastic spirit, we’re excited to see what other adventures and spontaneous ideas will come up for her at OMNI.

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