The city of Vancouver welcomes hundreds of international students each year, and many of them choose to spend their first few months living with a Canadian homestay family.  It’s a great way to learn very quickly about Canadian culture as well as to practice your language skills as often as possible.

There are several homestay placement agencies that specialize in helping international students find the right place to live, so students may find their home away from home. The placement agencies usually charge a fee for the service, as they must pre-screen the homestay families to provide a safe and supported home before offering it to students.

The monthly cost of living at a homestay starts off at around $750 CDN.

OMNI College has pre-screened local homestay options, and we have a select group of friendly and trustworthy homestay service providers available to OMNI students. Homestay arrangements as well as additional optional airport pickup services are booked directly with the homestay placement agency.

Once registered with OMNI College, you will be directed to a list of trusted providers to choose from. 

Other Accommodation:

Some students may choose to live in their own apartment or find a room mate to share with.  OMNI College can also assist you by directing you to the appropriate sources.



From: Canada
Currently: Successfully achieved the scores required by the nursing regulatory bodies in Canada.

I have been a nurse for 10 years in the francophone province of Quebec in Canada before I moved in BC. Due to receiving all my education in French I had to pass the CELBAN exam to earn my nursing license in BC. I was anxious to pass this exam because it meant that I could work as a nurse here. I did the CELBAN preparation class at OMNI College and this gave me the tools and the confidence to achieve my goal. I met exceptional teachers and classmates at OMNI. I feel that teachers really understand what students are going through, they are empathetic and they believe in our potential. I also received excellent coaching on my personal needs. Now I am happy to be a RN in BC.