International Students

At OMNI College, we realize our international students have special needs. Whether it’s your first time away from your home country, or the beginning of a new life abroad, we offer many services to help you live and study in Canada. This section of our website covers general information and links about living in Vancouver, Transportation, Accommodation (homestay), Medical Insurance, and Student/Work Visas.
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From: Brazil
Currently: Current student in Canadian Nursing Review Program

My experience in OMNI College has been beyond my expectations. The opportunity of sharing experiences with other International Nurses, together with a supportive staff team, and knowledgeable teachers, makes the college a great environment to re-learn nursing in a Canadian way. 

“Minha experienca no OMNI College superou mihas expectativas. A oportunidade de compartilhar experiencias com enfermeiros de outros paises, juntamente com uma equipe de funcionarios bastante prestativa, e professores com profundo conhecimento, fazem do Colllege um excelente local para reaprender enfergermagem no cenario Canadense”